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Nepal: News

Women traditionally pray and fast for 24 hours for the wellness of their husbands and their marriage during Teej, a women’s festival celebrated in Nepal,
Published on 24/09/2013
“In her voice I could tell she was so excited to show me the slippers she made from a cardboard box . . . my heart practically melted.
Published on 09/09/2013
A vermicomposting demonstration at a
Published on 05/09/2013
The still recent history of civil war (1996-2006) and unrest in Nepal has left Nepalese fragmented along ethnic, religious and ideological differences.
Published on 15/08/2013
Hanna Morrison’s recollections of her 7 month volunteer service trip to Nepal. Hanna worked at the “Nepal Children’s Center,” a project run by the Unity Church of Fairfax and Service for Peace Nepal, a partnership facilitated by the Global Peace Foundation-USA .
Published on 02/07/2013
From June 1-June 6 GPA Nepal and partners hosted a week of programs to encourage the conservation and care of the environment.
Published on 05/06/2013
GPA Nepal and 10 Partnering Organizations Host Week-long Program, “Water Cooperation for Water Sustainability”
Published on 01/04/2013