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Nepal: News

Avenues TV Nepal accompanied  #RiseNepal to Karesthali village in Northern Kathmandu valley. The team was dispatched to build transitional shelters for families left homeless by the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake that hit the heart of the nation on April 25. 
Published on 27/05/2015
RiseNepal Team Build Semi Permanent Shelters in Nepal
"We will make Nepal rise and shine again." Rise Nepal
Published on 14/05/2015
RiseNepal volunteers with Nepalese children
Nepal was still reeling from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake shocked the nation on April 25, when the second major earthquake hit on May 12.
Published on 13/05/2015
Global Peace Foundation volunteer help to nurse an old lady
Global Peace Foundation Joins and Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance to Coordinate Youth Volunteer Efforts in Aftermath of Nepal Earthquake
Published on 02/05/2015
Christchurch Volunteer Army leader Sam Johnson has been in Nepal for just 24 hours, but is already making a difference. Mr. Johnson's working with the Global Peace Foundation – he already has a management team of 40 people, and more than 90 volunteers.
Published on 29/04/2015
A massive 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, destroying homes and infrastructure and toppling ancient temples in the historic capital of Kathmandu.
Published on 26/04/2015