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In this interview, we have brought Haruhisa Ogawa, Honorary Professor at Tokyo University. We take a look the Korean independence movement, the people that made it happen and its implications on the Korean Peninsula today. This interview was brought about by Global Peace Foundation - Japan.
Published on 09/09/2020
How do we bring about Korean unification and what role do Korean Americans have in this larger goal? These are some questions that were addressed in this online interview. In this discussion, we received insights from Dr.
Published on 28/08/2020
Highlighting democracy, freedom, and human rights as essential values on the road to a united Korean peninsula, scholars and experts discussed peaceful unification at a virtual conference on August 15, 2020, the 75th anniversary of Korea's National Liberation Day.
Published on 21/08/2020
The virtual forum series by Global Peace Foundation will convene prominent scholars, policymakers, journalists, and civil society leaders from Korea and the global community to examine the new circumstances, identify new opportunities and develop a more specific roadmap for a free and unified Kor
Published on 14/08/2020
Global Peace Foundation works with our distinguished partners around the world to support the reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Published on 10/07/2020