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Economists and Korea experts from the United States and South Korea, and a former senior North Korean official who defected to South Korea in 2014, examined North Korea's economic landscape and the challenges and prospects for reunification and economic integration in the latest virtual convening
Published on 29/06/2021
By Emiko PereaNorth Korean defector Hyun Sung Lee has been a frequent participant in recent convenings of GPF’s International Forum on One Korea, bringing vital insights about the importance of human rights when discussing reunification and the future of the Korean peninsula.
Published on 25/06/2021
Published on 05/06/2021
2021 International Forum on One Korea: Congressional Roundtable and ForumFree and Unified Korea Framework: Options for the New U.S. Administration and the U.S. - R.O.K. Alliance February 24th - New York EST | February 25th - Seoul
Published on 01/03/2021