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On August 25th, the International Young Leaders Assembly arrived in Washington, D.C. They visited the memorials of the U.S. Capitol, from the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, to the Washington Memorial.
Published on 26/08/2013
At the International Young Leaders Assembly at the United Nations hosted by the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the UN, South Korean, high school IYLA participant, SuhJung Lee, firmly asserted that the recent development of East Asia was not a miracle, it was a feat of “intangible values”. 
Published on 26/08/2013
60 years later, students representing North and South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and America, presented their views on the issue of Korean reunification.
Published on 30/07/2013
July 18th was Nelson Mandela Day, a United Nations backed international day of service.
Published on 23/07/2013
9 people including Korea Securities Depository employees and clients will participate in the overseas volunteer program administered by Global Peace Foundation Korea.
Published on 20/06/2013
Nowhere is the need for a radically new concept of world peace more evident than on the Korean peninsula, where a people of a single ethnic, linguistic and cultural background remains divided by Cold War ideologies.
Published on 14/06/2013
The 2nd Foreign Policy Development Forum was held at the Lawmakers' Center in Yeouido.
Published on 19/04/2013