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Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is promoting peace among the communities in Kaduna State, Nigeria. It has hosted sensitization programs for over 100 people, emphasizing the importance of social cohesion in the State. 
Published on 16/10/2016
On October 12, 2016, a Train the Trainers Workshop was held in Kaduna State, Nigeria organized by Global Peace Foundation Nigeria. Muslim and Christian leaders convened together in this workshop focusing on bringing peace between them.
Published on 12/10/2016
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria held a Train the Trainers capacity-building workshop as part of the "One Family Under God
Published on 12/10/2016
A three day Train the Trainers Workshop was held for six communities in the Kaduna state as part of the "One Family Under God" campaign on October 12th.
Published on 12/10/2016
Deep-seated religious divisions between Muslims and Christians were brought to the forefront after the 2011 elections drove many residents and businesses from Kaduna state.
Published on 20/09/2016
On August 16th, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria held sensitization programs in both the Makarfi and Ikara communities in Kaduna State as part of the 
Published on 16/08/2016
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria hosted the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement to a luncheon as part of the "One Family Under God" campaign on July 10th, 2016.
Published on 10/07/2016
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria has encouraged media to join in spreading a message of peace through their networks. 
Published on 03/07/2016
Nigerian diaspora leaders in the Washington, DC metropolitan area met at the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Headquarters offices in Lanham, Maryland on June 16 for a program to welcome new friends, learn more about Nigeria from Nigerians, and raise awareness and support for GPF’s One Family under
Published on 24/06/2016
One Family under God Campaign, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria
Global Peace Foundation Nigeria has been hosting a series of peacebuilding workshops in Kaduna State to promote community cohesion with the support of traditional rulers and government and religious leaders.
Published on 15/06/2016