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Philippines: News

Violence has long been a part of the culture of Mindanao, the southernmost island region of the Philippines.
Published on 24/03/2014
On November 21st of 2013, Global Peace Foundation-Asia Pacific presented the 1st annual Golden Peace Awards for Heroes.
Published on 13/03/2014
In the Philippines, over 30,000 remote villages don't have access to electricity. This absence of power and light means more than just living in the dark. The consequences affect safety, health, stability and education
Published on 10/03/2014
“It was a beautiful moment and such a pure interaction…it was just the local people and myself laughing and expressing our joy with the help of some music and a coconut.” - Shannon Reid
Published on 25/02/2014
Ms. Joy Florentinon Florentinon RemigioProject Manager, Global Peace Foundation-PhilippinesDate: Dec. 6th 2013Topic: Community DevelopmentSession: Holistic Human Development -- A Value-Based Planning and Management Model
Published on 19/01/2014
Ms. Maria RessaCEO, Rappler.comDate: Dec 7th 2013Topic: Media EthicsSession: Ethical Reporting: Journalism With a Conscience
Published on 19/01/2014