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Philippines: News

In late November, the Global Peace Foundation pledged 4,000 solar lamps or the equivalent to the city of Ormoc. Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez attended the Global Peace Volunteer Festival to receive the pledge. 
Published on 27/12/2013
Ms. Joy Florentinon RemigioProject Manager of the Global Peace Foundation-PhilippinesDate: Dec. 6, 2013Topic: Community DevelopmentSession: Holistic Human Development -- A Value-Based Planning and Management Model
Published on 19/12/2013
The Global Peace Foundation, founded by Chairman Hyun Jin Moon, hosted the Global Peac
Published on 26/11/2013
Todd Pitman of Associated Press, wrote a beautiful piece on the glimmers of the Filipino spirit that are rising up in the aftermath of Hurricane Yolanda.   
Published on 20/11/2013
Although I am not Filipino, in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda, I found myself panicking. Seeing the pain and suffering of so many, broke my heart.  Hearing my friend Kathy’s story tore me apart even more.
Published on 13/11/2013