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Clean and open communal spaces provide people, children, and families with a much-needed break from their busy lifestyles.
Published on 05/05/2022
GPW and GPF Nepal have jointly started a local initiative to empower local women with income-generating skills such as making candies of ‘Lapsi’ - a native fruit of Nepal. Made of a much-loved fruit of the Nepalese people, Lapsi candy-making holds much potential for Nepalese women.
Published on 07/04/2022
By Anu Lama“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” —Serena Williams
Published on 15/03/2022
“I was not sure if this was worthy of attending at all… we have to manage a lot around the household; work to raise cattle, arranging the fodder, and helping in the fields. But now I feel taking out these few hours were precious for the village and my personal betterment.”
Published on 16/02/2022
Two participants of the seven-month peacebuilding practicum
Published on 02/02/2022
The COVID-19 global pandemic was a time that tested the resilience, strength, and unity of people and their communities. As the world bounces back, there have been efforts and hope to build a better world.
Published on 25/01/2022
Families from nearly 30 nations joined the Virtual Family Volunteers for Peace Festival on International Day of Volunteers on December 5, 2021.
Published on 24/01/2022
By Emiko PereaMessaging apps and social networks affect how people relate and form friendships, observed Dr. Antonio Montiel, a noted family counselor, at a recent Paraguay conference in commemoration of International Friendship Day, observed each year on July 30.
Published on 20/12/2021