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After two years pause, Global Peace Women (GPW) Paraguay hosted the annual “Living for the Sake of Others” Awards Ceremony honoring seven outstanding women for their many years of hard work, courage, leadership, and dedication to their communities and Paraguayan society on October 19, 2022.
Published on 23/11/2022
by Naomi MacMurdie
Published on 14/10/2022
On August 15, 1945, Korea stood on the precipice of fulfilling a dream to build a free and unified nation that could benefit the world. More than seventy years later, that dream remains unfulfilled but alive.
Published on 29/08/2022
By Naomi MacMurdie
Published on 25/07/2022
Clean and open communal spaces provide people, children, and families with a much-needed break from their busy lifestyles.
Published on 05/05/2022
GPW and GPF Nepal have jointly started a local initiative to empower local women with income-generating skills such as making candies of ‘Lapsi’ - a native fruit of Nepal. Made of a much-loved fruit of the Nepalese people, Lapsi candy-making holds much potential for Nepalese women.
Published on 07/04/2022