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Living for the Sake of Others Awards 2016, Global Peace Women Uruguay
Civil society activity in Uruguay has more than doubled in the last decade, with women at the fore of fostering an ethic of service and volunteerism. Reports show that 70 percent of volunteers in Uruguay are women.
Published on 21/06/2016
Social Transformation from Family Forum, May 2016, Global Peace Women Paraguay
Commemorating the 23rd International Day of Families, a special forum at the Bicameral Chamber of the Congress of the Republic of Paraguay examined the central role of family in society.
Published on 20/06/2016
Global Peace Women Nepal is opening the conversation on important but often overlooked topics related to women and families through an innovative program that uses drama to broach sometimes sensitive subjects.
Published on 25/05/2016
The human body is complex and requires maintenance to remain healthy, but too often is neglected, leading to chronic pain and other medical issues.
Published on 10/05/2016
Global Peace Women Kenya and St Thaddeus Child Care Center
Every year on March 8, the world recognizes and celebrates women empowerment and gender equality as part of the International Day of Women.
Published on 26/04/2016
GPW Book Launch
Global Peace Women (GPW) Uruguay celebrated the launching of its new book, From the Hearts of Women, on July 28, 2015 at the Palladium Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Published on 30/07/2015
Delivered on July 28, 2015
Published on 28/07/2015
Global Peace Women Uruguay Afternoon Tea event group photo.
Over tea and pastries, women and men in Montevideo spent a fulfilling  afternoon delving into topics relating to women leadership and social transformation.
Published on 06/07/2015
Korea organizers at the Global Women's Future Forum.
“Women are the most underutilized human resource,” Korean National Assembly member Hon. Jiyoung Ryu told some 250 women leaders at the opening of the Global Women’s Future Forum in Seoul on May 22, 2015. Ms.
Published on 18/06/2015