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Uruguay: News

Global Peace Women Uruguay Afternoon Tea event group photo.
Over tea and pastries, women and men in Montevideo spent a fulfilling  afternoon delving into topics relating to women leadership and social transformation.
Published on 06/07/2015
Celebrating International Day of Women on Sunday March 8, Global Peace Women - Uruguay launched a campaign entitled "Women for World Peace."
Published on 08/03/2015
“Peace starts in the home!” Global Peace Women Chairwoman Dr. Jun Sook Moon declared, calling on more than 1,000 participants of the first Women’s Panel at the 2014 Global Peace Convention to recite the phrase with her. “In the home peace is more than a concept or ideal, it is visible.” 
Published on 26/11/2014
The prospects for republican democracy in Latin America and the balance of freedom with responsibility were the topics of discussion among five former Latin American heads of state taking part in the Second Summit of the
Published on 21/11/2014
Roadmap for National Transformation: Liberty Prosperity and Integrity through Moral and Innovative LeadershipMore than 1,000 government, civil society and faith leaders from 40 nations assembled in Paraguay for a challenging debate and action agenda
Published on 20/11/2014
The third annual Democracy in the Americas Symposium, hosted by the Zambrano Foundation was hosted by Miami-Dade Colle
Published on 10/11/2014
More than 500 business leaders, heads of state, prominent scholars, social innovators and leaders of government gather to discuss effective solutions for today’s society and expand economic opportunities across Latin America
Published on 06/11/2014
Artists, Educators and Political Leaders Acknowledge Art's Importance in Education
Published on 05/08/2014