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Global Peace Convention: News

The 2017 Global Peace Convention in the Philippines has a special track dedicated to examining women’s critical leadership role in both building sustainable peace and strengthening fam
Published on 24/02/2017
With powerful case studies from Latin America and exploration in light of the mounting possibility of the unification of North and South Korea, the 
Published on 24/02/2017
Kawa Hassan is Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program (MENA) for the EastWest Institute where he leads track-two initiatives focused on trust-building, conflict pre
Published on 23/02/2017
“When we practice a lifestyle of service, truly living for others, we exemplify the highest ideals of human character.” –Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon
Published on 21/02/2017
By Naomi Yakawich
Published on 07/02/2017