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By Naomi Yakawich
Published on 26/02/2019
The Global Peace Convention 2019 opened in Seoul, South Korea on February 26 with a Global Youth Forum and Women's Leadership Forum, highlighting the role of youth and women leaders in becoming active contributors to the peaceful reunifica
Published on 26/02/2019
By Kevin Huh for Global Peace FoundationOn the 26th of February 2019, I attended the Global Peace Convention 2019, which included sessions on Youth Partnerships for Peace, Security and Development and Youth Initiatives for Reunification.
Published on 26/02/2019
Global youth convened in Seoul, Korea to deliberate on the issue of Korea's future.
Published on 26/02/2019
(Top) Audience at the First Ibero-American Sustainability F
Published on 14/01/2019
Thousands of students, young leaders and experts from over twenty schools, NGOs and government agencies participated in a series of Millennials Peace Festivals hosted at locations across Indonesia since September 2018.
Published on 04/01/2019
Published on 05/12/2018