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Education at all stages is gradually changing from classroom-based to a wider scope, which focuses on real-world application of knowledge, skills, and modern technology,  said education specialists at the 2021 Kenya EdTech Summit and Awards program in Nairobi.
Published on 27/09/2021
Realizing Future-Ready Education in the Americas, the only Spanish session, brought together leaders from Latin America to discuss the competencies and values that students need to prepare for future success.
Published on 09/09/2021
The Realizing Future-Ready Education in Asia session focused on technology and building competencies through education. The panelists discussed the importance of teaching values and building students’ agency during the learning process within these areas.
Published on 05/09/2021
The Transforming Education for the Future in the Americas session emphasized the importance of values and intercultural competence and student and teacher agency in education. Transforming education requires a holistic approach instead of strictly a linear, academic approach.
Published on 05/09/2021
The Transforming Education for the Future in Asia session focused on the desire to learn outside of the classroom and the importance of developing shared values.
Published on 03/09/2021
The Realizing Future-Ready Education in Africa session focused on the need for collaboration between private and public sectors for better education outcomes regarding innovation and soft skills. The speakers also focused on the underlying theme of peace through education; Mr.
Published on 25/08/2021
Education specialists and private sector leaders from Europe and Africa said the growing use of technology in education and recognition that character competencies in formal education presented as a needed dimension of building competencies and character.  
Published on 23/08/2021
The Envisioning a Thriving 21st Century Civilization: Youth Making it Happen session focused on teaching young people values and how to navigate and best use technology. Skills are value-neutral, so students need core values and character to guide them.
Published on 16/08/2021
Education experts urged the Uganda government to adopt advanced technology to counter the challenges faced by the education sector during the COVID-19 lockdown at a virtual National Development Symposium organized by Global Foundation Uganda and Makerere University Business School in Kampala on J
Published on 17/06/2021