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Life Park Project: News

By Emiko Perea
Published on 13/02/2020
Hundreds of people in Indonesia’s greater Jakarta community have contributed to establishing a healthy, educational and fun environment for the whole family in a large low-cost apartment complex housing thousands of residents.
Published on 09/01/2018
Life Park community activities
By Naomi YakawichIn the month of April, nearly 100 people from Indonesia’s greater Jakarta community participated in a series of educational art and English programs to strengthen community bonds and promote moral and innovative capacities in youth and families.
Published on 07/06/2017
Life Park Project Inauguration Group Photo
“A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings. You, the people, need to get this soul.”  -Pope John Paul II
Published on 28/01/2015
Life Park Project is a CSR joint project by Samsung Life and Life Insurance Social Contribution which is organized by Global Peace Foundation (GPF). This project provides an adequate open space for the residents of the Rusun Flamboyan.
Published on 28/01/2015