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Nordin from Malaysia’s Kampung Cerampak village always wanted to have his own garden to provide vegetables for his friends and family.
Published on 25/08/2020
In Malaysia, the villagers of Kg. Cerampak are left with little resources to build their houses with. Due to deforestation, they don’t have access to ready supplies of wood.
Published on 22/07/2020
More than eighty people from around the world joined the online GPDSA Webinar on COVID-19 Prevention and Peace For East Africa and South-SE Asia on April 1, 2020.
Published on 10/04/2020
Like other nations worldwide, Malaysian’s livelihoods and health are being compromised by the spread of COVID-19.
Published on 03/04/2020
By Emiko Perea
Published on 04/03/2020
By Yong Joy AnneTwenty-five families in Kampung Jenit, Pahang have access to flowing water in their homes for the first time.
Published on 10/12/2019
By Emiko Perea
Published on 03/09/2019