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Cross-Community Engagement: News

Yuliya Johnson started as a participant in a unique peacebuilding project before becoming an inspiring leader for building bridges in the diverse community of Billings, Montana.
Published on 25/03/2022
Unspoken Words podcast co-hosts JC Beaumont
Published on 21/02/2022
Global Peace Foundation has spearheaded peacebuilding efforts with local faith, tribal, youth and women leaders to counter violent extremism, promote peaceful elections, and build cross community engagement.
Published on 22/10/2020
The following article is by Mike Yakawich, the Northwest Regional Director for Global Peace Foundation in the United States. Yakawich is the project coordinator for the pilot program Cross-Community Reconciliation in Montana.By Mike Yakawich
Published on 22/04/2020
Cross-Community Engagement (CCE) completed its pilot program in Jerse
Published on 28/06/2017