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One Korea Global Campaign towards a Free and Unified Korea: News

On August 15, 1945, Korea stood on the precipice of fulfilling a dream to build a free and unified nation that could benefit the world. More than seventy years later, that dream remains unfulfilled but alive.
Published on 29/08/2022
Some 10,000 people gathered at Seoul’s Independence Memorial and the National Central Youth Training Center on June 18, 2022, to voice support for the upcoming 80th anniversary commemoration of the end of World War II on August 15, 1945, and to remind Koreans of the unfinished business of Korean
Published on 08/07/2022
Three days of talks highlight Mongolia’s role as a nuclear-free, non-aligned state.International scholars, policymakers, current and former diplomats, economists, and civil society leaders convened for six sessions to develop strategies for peace in Northeast Asia and de
Published on 15/11/2021
A prominent North Korean defector, the longest-held American detained in a North Korean prison camp, and human rights experts from Japan, Romania and the United States urged governments and international agencies to include human rights as the highest priority in relations with the North Korean r
Published on 07/12/2020
By Jinhoon Lee“It has been already 70 years since the outbreak of the Korean war, and yet, we are still divided,” Nara said solemnly as she watched the One Dream One Korea unification song on YontongTV’s YouTube channel.
Published on 12/11/2020