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PeaceHub Campaign

The PeaceHub Campaign is a much-needed public awareness and educational campaign, uniquely designed for communities.

We are living in difficult times where mass shootings and hate crimes challenge our recognition of common standards of humanity. But there is also a rising movement of peacebuilding and compassion in our communities that provides hope for change. Diverse people and communities from all ethnicities, backgrounds and all faith perspectives—or none—can work together to build compassion, connections and mutual appreciation.

We cultivate social cohesion and peace by bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate on social innovation and civic projects.

Community-Driven Peacebuilding: Preventing Violence and Extremism


  • Introductory meetings and orientations with the leadership of the community. 
  • Introductory presentation to the community to generate involvement. 
  • The community works through the self-directed Study Series education within its own unique approaches, including study groups, men's groups, youth groups, women’s groups, and full community gatherings.
  • Designate a “PeaceHub Liaison” for the community to connect with the National Campaign Office. 
  • Training Completion: Presentation of Certificate  to become “Peace Hub.”
  • Option to work with a nearby diverse community and repeat the study, completing a “Community Mapping exercise” and designing a service project together.

Learn more about the Community-driven Peacebuilding
Study Series
and how essential principles and values 
broadly shared among the world’s faith and wisdom traditions can provide the basis for peace.