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Johnlu Koa

Johnlu Koa

Founder and CEO
The French Baker

Mr. Johnlu Koa is the founder and CEO of The French Baker in the Philippines.A self-taught baker who ventured into French Baking in 1989 he established “The French Baker” brand in Manila. Today, French Baker enjoys the dominant market share when it comes to the French Bakery-café category for over 25 years. Johnlu was a recipient of the “Outstanding Young Filipinos” in 1996 and was named one of the 500 Great Asians of the 21st Century.  He co-founded the Philippine Baking Industry Group, the LARTIZAN Corporation, TEABROS Corporation and QWIKBREAD Corporation.


Speech VIDEO: Global Peace Convention 2017 Business Forum 1: Johnlu Kao Presented at Global Peace Convention 2017 on February 28, 2017