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Mrs Caroline Aluoch Odera

Mrs Caroline Aluoch Odera

GPW Kenya Representative

Mrs. Caroline Aluoch Odera, is a renowned peace advocate, educator and defender of women’s rights in the Republic of Kenya. In 1999, she founded St. Thaddeus Child Care Society, an organization whose mission to empower women, youth and children. She is also the founder and director of St. Thaddeus Schools, a project that empowers orphaned and/or disadvantaged children in urban informal settlements in Kenya to access their right to education. Caroline sits on the government of Kenya’s Peace Committee in Embakasi Sub-county. The committee is mandated with promoting peace and national cohesion at sub-county level.


Speech VIDEO: Global Peace Convention 2017 Women Leadership Culture 3: Caroline Aluoch Odera Presented at Global Peace Convention 2017 on February 28, 2017