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Ms. Keiko Kobayashi

Ms. Keiko Kobayashi

Lead Actress
Japan-China Collaborative Film “JUN AI”

Ms. Keiko Kobayashi is Chair of the NPO JUN AI World Peace Foundation and executive producer, script writer, and lead actress of the Japan-China collaborative film “JUN AI.” In 1999 in Japan Ms. Kobayashi initiated the JUN AI Project based on a vision for peace beyond nationality, religion and culture. She produced the “JUN AI” film as a social art project for 8 years and has conducted film screenings and exchange programs for 10 years in Japan and in other countries. The screening is in four languages with subtitles in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese which has enabled international exchanges beyond the limitation of language. JUN AI received 8 awards in international film festivals such as Best Producer Award of Monaco International Film Festival (2007) and Best Feature Film Award of Sedona International Film Festival in USA (2012). She also founded Hope Elementary School (2004) and JUN AI Kindergarten (2008) in Taishan, Shandong, China. Her sincere and unchanging spirit with unconditional love has awakened hearts of many people with whom she has created a human bond around the world through the film and other meaningful service.


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