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Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo

Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo

Anglican Churhc of Kenya

Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo is the Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Kenya. An ordained Priest and Canon of the Church, she is currently the Chairperson of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (N.C.C.K.). Canon Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s in Theology and Biblical Counseling, is a teacher, Head-teacher, Inspector of schools, lecturer, and University Council Member. Her book “Woman, a vessel of Honour and Great Potential” expresses her desire to uplift women.


Speech VIDEO: Global Peace Convention 2017 interfaith Peacebuilding 1: Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo Presented at Global Peace Convention 2017 on February 28, 2017