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Water Poverty Relief in Rural Malaysia

2018 marks the third year Global Peace Foundation (GPF) has partnered with Laneige to help bring clean water to rural communities in Malaysia. The Waterful Sharing Campaign has improved health and sanitation for more than 1,300 of Malaysia’s indigenous people in villages across Pahang and Perak.

Hundreds of families now benefit from clean water provided by GPF Malaysia and partner Laneige

“Most of us take safe water for granted,” said Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia. “This meaningful partnership with Global Peace Foundation will enable us to nourish more lives in need in the rural communities with clean water sources.

Dr. Teh Su Thye, representative of GPF Malaysia, described the heartbreaking conditions facing many children and families in the villages. Serious illnesses, included skin disease and typhoid, are very real dangers as clean water is limited by unpredictable weather and contaminated self-dug wells.

Malaysia GPF CEO Dr. Teh
GPF Malaysia CEO Dr. Teh Su Thye speaks to the conditions of water poverty in

Volunteers and staff consistently visit villages for checkups, gauging the effectiveness of new water filtration systems provided by LifeStraw and opportunities for improvement. The filters, approved by the World Health Organization, are portable, easy to use and make water safe to consume even without boiling. The innovative products and dedication of volunteers are transforming the lives of the Malaysian villagers, not only making them healthier and safer, but also allowing them to focus on ways to enrich other aspects of their daily lives and improve the lives of others in their community.

The campaign plans to install 114 new LifeStraw family filters, benefitting 770 more villagers.

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