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8:00 PM (USA EDT)/9:00 AM (Seoul): Opening

  • Co-Emcee: Mr. John Dickson, Senior Adviser, Global Peace Foundation

  • Co-Emcee: Mr. Jong-chun Park, Secretary-General, Action for Korea United

  • Mr. James P. Flynn, International President, Global Peace Foundation

  • Dr. Jai-poong Ryu, Founder & President, One Korea Foundation

  • Hon. Jong-kul Lee, Former ROK National Assembly Member; Representative Standing Chairman, Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation


8:15 PM (USA EDT)/9:15 AM (Seoul): U.S. Congressional-ROK National Assembly Roundtable


U.S. Congress

  • Hon. Donald Manzullo (R), U.S. Congressman (1993-2013); Former Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Asia and the Pacific; Former Chairman, House Committee on Small Business

  • Hon. GK Butterfield (D), Deputy Whip, U.S. House of Representatives

  • Hon. Gregory Meeks (D), Chair, House Foreign Affairs Committee

Republic of Korea (ROK)

  • Hon. Sang-min Lee (D), Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee

  • Hon. Sang-hyun Yoon (People Power Party), Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee; Former Chairman, Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee 

  • Hon. Kwang-Jae Lee (D), Chairperson, Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee

  • Hon. Tae-yong Cho (People Power Party), Chairman, International Relations Committee

  • Hon. Yong-sun Lee (D), Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee

  • Hon. Sung-ho Ji (People Power Party), North Korea Defector; Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee

9:10 PM (USA EDT)/10:10 AM (Seoul): Special Remarks

  • Ambassador Ho-Young Ahn, President, University of North Korean Studies; Former ROK Ambassador to USA

  • Dr. Edwin Feulner, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, The Heritage Foundation

9:30 PM  (USA EDT)/10:30 AM (Seoul): Keynote Speech

  • Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon, Founder and Chairman, Global Peace Foundation


9:50 PM (USA EDT) / 10:50 AM Seoul: Policy Panel

  • General (Rtd.) Vincent Keith Brooks, Retired Four-Star US Army General; Former Commander in Chief, ROK/United States Combined Forces Command; Chairman, Korea Defense Veterans Association

  • Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute

  • Ms. Soo Kim, Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation 

  • Col. (Rtd.) David Maxwell, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

  • General In-bum Chun, Retired ROK Lieutenant General and Commander, Special Warfare Command

  • Dr. Kwang-kyu Nam, Professor and Director, Center for North Korea Studies at the Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University

  • Dr. Kyoung-young Chung, Professor, Graduate School of International Studies at Hanyang University; Policy Adviser, National Security Office, Blue House

  • Mr. Hyun Seung Lee, North Korea Defector; Fellow on North Korea Studies, Global Peace Foundation

10:50 PM (USA EDT)/11:50 AM (Seoul): Adjournment