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Campaign for American Renewal

A Global Peace Foundation project in:

The Campaign for American Renewal engages multi-faith leaders in the public square and call on all Americans to rise above the political, social and economic dividers to build an America that lives up to its founding ideals.

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Representatives from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Sierra Leone met at the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Headquarters offices in Lanham, Maryland on August 2 to explore contributions of the African diaspora in the United States to a renewal of America’s founding values.
Published on 03/08/2016

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Our Mission

Campaign for American Renewal seeks to work with leaders of faith and conscience on all levels of society in the civic square. This civil focus alliance is vital if we are to rebuild America’s moral and ethical foundations. Starting with agreement on essential principles and values, we can coalesce around concrete objectives that advance the fulfillment of our nation’s founding ideals. In our “divine” areas of focus, we shall stay autonomous and unique, however, in the area of civil focus, we must join together in common cause. This is OUR nation.