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Capital Area Coalition for Religious Freedom

Project Details

The Capital Area Coalition on Religious Liberty is a growing network of faith leaders and organizations within the District of Columbia, in collaboration with additional partners from the greater Maryland and Virginia areas, with a distinct mission to identify, address, and lead efforts to combat the encroachment of state and federal courts into the religious freedom of houses of faith and faith-based organizations. While the Coalition continues to build its organizational base and capacity, it has already drafted a letter in opposition to a D.C. Court’s attempt to violate the separation of church and state in a legal matter with a religious organization. Currently, the Coalition is assisting a national religious organization located in D.C. in bringing attention to the violation of their First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of religion. In addition, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the Coalition came together as a faith-based community to lead the distribution of more than 40,000 pounds of donated food through various houses of worship and food banks across D.C. and Maryland to feed those in need. Through its position as co-chair of the Capitol Area Coalition, GPF brings its diverse network to the table to strengthen the vital work being done to address religious liberty issues in the Capitol Area.