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Chaco Region Community-Driven Development

Chaco region community driven development

A Global Peace Foundation project in:

Chaco Region Community-Driven Development supports locally led development projects in rural Paraguay, mostly in the Chaco Region.

With a commitment to the values and principles of One Family Under God, the  Chaco Region Community-Driven Development projects nurture self-reliance and community cooperation to improve the living situations in remote communities of Paraguay. In particular, the project focuses on helping women provide for their families.
From flood relief, to community gardens and fish ponds, the various projects seek to support the long-term development of the region.

Project Details

The first micro-credit was awarded to support mobile chicken roosts that can provide a healthful environment for the production of nutritious eggs, which could be sold at the local market. Other Chaco development projects include a fish farm in Puerto Casado and an organic community farm; both projects provide livelihood and nutritious food sources to the local town.