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Institute for the Development of Thought

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Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento Patria Soñada (IDPPS), the Institute for the Development of Thought, is a think-tank that brings together leaders from all sectors to provide relevant research and guidance on public policy in Paraguay and beyond to advance political reform and good governance.  

IDPPS promotes moral and innovative leadership and universal principles and values as the foundation for development and good governance.

Project Details

Activities: IDPPS has hosted a number of significant international conferences that address issues from press freedom, good governance to international trade and investment.

IDPPS was instrumental in founding the Latin American Presidential Mission, a network of former and current heads of state in Latin America who pledge to use their experience and example to navigate the region forward. IDPPS has also advised government officials towards transparency and efficiency.

Its ongoing programs and initiatives have set the bar for of the moral and ethical standards of national leaders.

Latest News

Roadmap for National Transformation: Liberty Prosperity and Integrity through Moral and Innovative LeadershipMore than 1,000 government, civil society and faith leaders from 40 nations assembled in Paraguay for a challenging debate and action agenda
Published on 20/11/2014
An emerging democracy in the heart of South America, Paraguay is introducing transformational political and social reforms that reflect a renewed commitment to the principles, values and traditions of Latin America’s diverse peoples.
Published on 24/10/2014
International Symposium on Paraguay-Korea RelationsJune 17, 2014Greater Asunción, Paraguay
Published on 17/07/2014
Jun Seog KoDirector of the Korea Rail Network Authority
Published on 23/06/2014
Woo-Hyun ChoFormer Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and the Chief of Incheon International Airport
Published on 23/06/2014