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Meet the Peacebuilders Youtube Series

Meet the peacebuilders

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The farmers-herder conflicts in Nigeria have claimed the lives of thousands of people. Like with many other conflicts, there are two sides who are unable to reach an agreement.
Published on 13/12/2019
In our busy lives, spanning from work to entertainment, it has become increasingly difficult to create a strong bond between family members.
Published on 18/10/2019
How do you build bridges between divided people? Who should be the ones to initiate that change? Meet Namji Steinemann. After initiating a project back in 2014, she began engaging teachers with Korean-American students to hear what they had to say about Korean Reunification.
Published on 17/09/2019
The Korean-American support for the reunification of Korea will be essential for the Korean voice to be heard around the world. 
Published on 04/09/2019
Many South Koreans are apathetic to the thought of reunification. South Koreans already have their problems. Many might not even be thinking about it. 
Published on 08/08/2019

Project Details

We believe everyone can be a peace builder. We captured the stories of people around the world and their various methods in pursuit of a peaceful neighborhood, country, and world.

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