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One Nation Under God Campaign

A Global Peace Foundation project in:

Project Details

Just in the last decade, Kenya has witnessed massive violence linked to ethnic differences and misunderstanding that have resulted into massive loss of life, displacement, and destruction of property.

In reponse to the 2007/2008 post-election violence that ran along tribal and political rifts, Global Peace Foundation launched the Rift Valley Peace Initiative in the hot spot of the violence. Such efforts, including nationwide youth engagement in promoting peace, contributed to a largely peaceful election in 2013.

The One Nation under God campaign was launched in Kenya in 2015 to promote peaceful coexistence among Kenyans. The campaign engages youth in conflict management and peace building efforts, bringing together a multi-sectoral platform of both state and none state actors to promote national cohesion and peaceful coexistence among Kenyans of diverse backgrounds. These efforts hope to secure a peaceful election for the highly contested 2017 general elections.

The One Family Under God campaign includes initatives such as follows:

  • Interfaith Youth Boot Camp
  • Teachers For Peace Forum
  • Amani Mashinani Festivals
  • Tuonge Community Conversations (TCC) - *Tuongee means “Let’s Talk”
  • 1,000 Mile Peace Caravan
  • Color in faith


Latest News

Global Peace Foundation Kenya Director Daniel Juma told KTN News Kenya in a recent interview that GPF efforts in the region are building hope for a “transparent, credible and free election” coming up for the country this August.
Published on 06/06/2017
Kenya Interfaith Youth Boot Camp Group Photo
Global Peace Foundation Kenya in partnership with the county government of Mombasa, Kenya Women Holdings (Tuvuke), Interreligious Council of Kenya, and Human Rights Agenda held an Interfaith Youth ‘Boot Camp’ on December 18-19, 2015 to emphasize the importance of inter-religious cooperation and c
Published on 15/01/2016