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Open Dialogue Series

A Global Peace Foundation project in:


Global Peace Foundation Ireland in collaboration with Co-operation Ireland has been conducting Open Dialogue Series public forums as part of the FACE (Family and Community Engagement) program development in Limerick. The seminars aim to strengthen community relations and advance acceptance of diversity in the city. The Open Dialogue Series target communities are where tension is highest, reducing divisive rhetoric and making cross-cultural connections to sustain peace and foster tolerance.

Project Details

The Open Dialogue Series is a project that examines philosophy and theory through a multi-level approach. Including various stakeholders of society, a plethora of approaches are integrated while discussing and negotiating ways to actively engage citizen participation. The series encourages the people of Ireland and other countries to speak up to bring pressing issues to light, such as integration, multiculturalism, “Islamphobia,” and the mass migration crisis in Europe.

Global Peace Foundation Ireland (GPF-Ireland) created the Open Dialogue Series in collaboration with Mary Immaculate College (MIC), so Irish citizens could have a public forum to discuss and propose solutions to issues of today. GPF-Ireland and MIC believe that dynamic conversation can lead to potential solutions and thus dialogue among one another is crucial.

The Open Dialogue Series allows policy prescriptions to be diagnosed, critically examined, and thoroughly discussed to create optimal solutions for key issues in Ireland.