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Power of 10 Sen

Power of 10 Sen

A Global Peace Foundation project in:

Power of 10 Sen is an education campaign that encourages children and youth to serve others, starting from donating the smallest unit of currency, 10 Sen. 

The Power of 10 Sen is not about collecting millions of dollars, it's about empowering millions of children to help each other and their nation through service and entrepreneurship. When we ask a young person to donate 10 Sen, we are not asking for their money; we are asking for their heart. We believe that if we can inspire all the children of the nation to participate consciously in an act of giving once every day, we will ultimately foster a generation of ethical, responsible, and caring individuals.



Latest News

These days many of us are all about getting the latest and greatest games, the biggest toys and the newest and coolest designer clothes. However, countering the growing societal trend of consumerism and materialism, there is a growing trend of giving back.
Published on 21/10/2013

Project Details

Goal: It is a small action that cultivates the spirit of giving and helping those in need. Through this campaign, we want to reach out to all the youths of the world and inform them of their ability to make a difference.

Activities: We conduct continuous donation drives in universities, secondary schools, primary schools, and even in kindergartens to promote a culture of service and living for the sake of others.


Through our partnerships and alliances with prominent NGOs, corporate companies, and government organizations who also believe in the power of our children, we aim to inculcate a sense of collective responsibility among our supporters while effectively raising funds for the most vulnerable and needy of our human society.


The collected funds are channeled to other bodies or agencies to build proper irrigation and purchase water filters, assist relief efforts in war-torn countries, and educate underprivileged children.