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Transforming Education Webinar Series

The Global Peace Foundation has been at the forefront helping educators, ministries of education, communities, students and parents navigate the unprecedented challenges in education. Providing forums, expert opinion, training, connection, and a refocus on character education in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, GPF is working together to transform education to be more relevant in the twenty-first century.

Latest News

In celebration of World Teachers’ Day, Global Peace Foundation hosted a Kenya webinar on October 5, 2021, to discuss the important role of teachers in recovering education from the disruption brought about by the global pandemic.
Published on 17/12/2021
Schools were some of the first institutions to close their doors when the global pandemic sent many countries across the world into lockdown.Global Peace Foundation chapters responded swiftly, moving online to address the dramatically shifting educational landscape.
Published on 21/12/2020
By Loren De GuzmanGlobal Peace Foundation (GPF) Philippines has hosted three online forums since June 2020 as part of the Transforming Education Webinar Series.
Published on 09/10/2020
Since May 2020, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Paraguay has conducted forums online each month as part of the Transforming Education Webinar Series.
Published on 14/09/2020