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U.S. congressional leaders, ROK National Assembly members, Korea experts, North Korean defectors, and U.S.
Published on 16/05/2022
Leading Korea experts in the United States and South Korea said the election of Yoon Suk-yeol as the next president of South Korea, North Korea’s reactivation of missile tests, and Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine underscored the need for a strong and credible international security archit
Published on 22/04/2022
Yuliya Johnson started as a participant in a unique peacebuilding project before becoming an inspiring leader for building bridges in the diverse community of Billings, Montana.
Published on 25/03/2022
Global Peace Foundation and Alliance for Korea United—USA collaborated to host an online event commemorating the anniversary of the March 1st (Samil) Movement that began in 1919.
Published on 01/03/2022
Unspoken Words podcast co-hosts JC Beaumont
Published on 21/02/2022