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GPF USA: About Us

A New Vision for Peace

International Young LeadersThe Global Peace Foundation USA continues to make significant impact because it is guided by a simple yet powerful vision with a practical plan of action. That vision can be summarized in one phrase that is full of meaning - One Family under God. The profound truth is that all humanity is connected in a most fundamental way, beyond the differences of race, religion or nationality. Because we all share a common Origin or Source,  all people are part of the one human family.

Indeed, the essential principles of the world's great faith traditions lead us toward this conclusion. People everywhere understand deep relationships in familial terms, and thus can readily embrace the fact that humankind is one family- brothers and sisters all. In the larger context, we are bound together as the human family because of our common spiritual heritage. Without recognizing God at the center, the human family will remain unable to find the cohesion and harmony necessary for a world of lasting peace.

GPF-USA focuses on three areas of endeavor: interfaith partnerships, strengthening marriage and families, and fostering a culture of service. Together interfaith, family and service form the trifold platform of GPF, providing essential elements and a balanced approach for effective peace-building. These three pillars are embedded into all GPF-related programs.

Interfaith Partnerships

We live in an unsettled world. At times, mere differences in perspectives can lead to devastating conflict. Therefore, rather than dwelling on the doctrinal differences among religions, GPF focuses on the essential principles that are affirmed by all major faith traditions. The true interfaith experience is rooted in the universal principles, values and aspirations that bind all people together as one family.

Global Peace FamilyGPF promotes interfaith partnership and collaboration based on the common purpose to serve the greater good. GPF encourages mutual respect, constructive dialogue and joint action inclusive of all cultures and traditions as essential components to peace building.

Strengthening the Family

The family is the most fundamental human institution. The family has been called the School of love and peace, because it is in the family that individuals learn lessons of love and interdependence. The lessons of love and relationship learned in the family should be extended to all humanity in its richness and diversity.

The GPF sees family as the immediate three-generational family we grow up in, as well as the global family that includes all people from all nations. The three generational family is our first social environment that includes grandparents, parents and children. Ideally it is in the extended family that we grow and learn to relate with people of diverse personalities, with the family bond being more essential and enduring than differences or disagreements.

Culture of Service

Serving others is not only an expression of care and concern for others, but can also be a transformative experience for those who serve. Service builds character and helps to engender one's ability to love and respect others.
Therefore, the Global Peace Foundation promotes volunteerism and the lifestyle of service as the best way to substantiate the vision of One Family Under God.