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What We Do

Global Peace Foundation - Nigerian Children photo

Global Peace Foundation promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding. GPF programs support social cohesion, empower families, build models of development, and promote moral and innovative leadership.

Global Peace Foundation - 2017 Global Peace Conference
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Global Peace Foundation - All Lights Village photo of children
Community-based development recognizes and engages community members and local organizations as assets and partners in finding... Learn more
Global Peace Foundation - Education in Paraguay - Children sitting at desks
GPF education initiatives engage educators and stakeholders to integrate ethics and twenty-first-century workforce skills into... Learn more
Global Peace Foundation - participant of the Building a Momentum for Peace Forum in Belfast
Understanding our shared identity and common aspirations as members of the human family establishes a basis for lasting peace.... Learn more
Global Peace Foundation - four Global Peace Volunteers arm in arm
International and intercultural service inspires and empowers youth to develop empathy for the less fortunate and to explore... Learn more
Global Peace Foundation recognizes the central role of women in advancing peace and human development.   Global Peace Foundation... Learn more
Global Peace Foundation - a group of International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) participants sits in front of a fence in front of a scenic overlook
Youth driven by a noble vision can tackle many of the longstanding crises faced by humanity today with their energy, passion, and... Learn more