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New Women's Leadership Culture for Peace and Development: From the Home to the World

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Global Peace Women (GPW), a division of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), promotes a values-based approach to peacebuilding through women-led initiatives around the world. Working alongside many partners in over 12 countries, GPW implements programs and activities that advocate for women’s rights, strengthen families, prevent gender-based violence, and promote women as leaders for positive social transformation. The track sessions examine how women play a critical leadership role in both building sustainable peace and strengthening families in their communities around the world.

The track has six sessions, including a panel of influential women leaders who promote the theme of peacebuilding in diverse professional fields; a discussion on women engagement; a workshop on best leadership practices and strategies; a networking opportunity to build long-lasting international partnerships; a film-screening that exemplifies a woman-initiated cultural peacebuilding movement; and a special training program to develop healthy relationships as a fundamental peacebuilding and leadership skill. Participants will gain insights into a more holistic understanding of women’s leadership and explore practices to implement in their families and communities.