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In this interview, we have brought Haruhisa Ogawa, Honorary Professor at Tokyo University. We take a look the Korean independence movement, the people that made it happen and its implications on the Korean Peninsula today. This interview was brought about by Global Peace Foundation - Japan.
Published on 09/09/2020
“Religious freedom is a foundational human right [and] core issue of our time that will shape the future of human societies, including the prospects for Korean unification and the character of a unified Korea," says Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon, chairman of the Global Peace Foundation.
Published on 29/08/2020
Dr. Feulner described the importance of a civil-led movement for Korean unification based on the Korean ethos Hongik Ingan (“to bring benefit to all humankind”) as mentioned in the Korean Dream, written by Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon.
Published on 29/08/2020
Ambassador Ahn described three main dimensions on Korean Unification at the International Forum on One Korea 2020, including the national dimension, within South Korea itself; the inter-Korean dimension, between South and North Korea; and thirdly, the international dimension, especially among cou
Published on 29/08/2020