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Women's Leadership Workshop Highlights Korean Reunification

GPW Korea President Mihwa Kim speaks to women at Korean Dream workshop

By Emiko Perea

Forty women attended a workshop on the importance of women leadership in realizing Korean Reunification on January 30 in Daejeon, South Korea. The two-day event was held under the theme: "Women’s strength to Realize the Korean Dream: A Happy Woman can Change the World." The workshop highlighted the influence women have in society and included discussions on raising family values and addressing domestic violence, child abuse, school violence and food waste.

President Inteck Seo addresses women leaders at Korea Dream workshop

In his opening remarks, Mayor Inho Hwang of Daejeon City described the city’s painful history, including the event of a massacre. “For all of you gathered here today, for the sake of peace, show us the power women will have for this city.”

“Unification must be led by Koreans,” said President of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Korea, Inteck Seo. “We are now in the inflection point of  history that must decide whether unification must happen.” Mr. Seo used Korea’s March 1st Independence Movement as an example of women’s leadership and sacrifice in a peaceful independence movement that resulted in strengthening unity on the Korean peninsula.

Danho Kwon speaks on the eradication of corrupt sexual culture in society

As a case study on women’s role in society, Danho Kwon, President of Sexual Education Center of the Republic of Korea, presented a session on “Eradicating the Corruption of Society’s Culture of Sex and Love” and “Today’s Sex Culture and Searching for a Peaceful and Healthy Culture.” Mr. Kwon encouraged parents to set the example in cultivating a honorable approach to sex and love that puts value on women’s happiness and wellbeing.

Mihwa Kim, President of Global Peace Women Korea, presented with the theme: “Butterfly Effect towards Changing the Home and Community.” She said, “In the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we need to emphasize the role of women more than ever before. We need to actively demonstrate our motherly qualities of moral and innovative leadership in the family so that women in society may be proactive in stopping the social problems and crimes of child abuse and sexual violence.”

On the second day, the workshop closed with a meeting titled “Commemoration of the March 1st Movement: Women and the Korean Reunification” to remember the contributions of the Korean women towards creating a peaceful country and reflect on women’s role in society and Korean unification today.

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