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The Bagmati River is is considered a holy river in Nepal by both Hindus and Buddhists. Hindu devotees perform rituals during religious festivals and also cremate the dead on its banks.
Published on 01/03/2013
GPW Nepal organized the campaign.
Published on 01/03/2013
Global Peace Leadership ConferenceAugust 11-14, 2012Seoul, KoreaTheme: “The Future Vision of a Unified Korean Peninsula, and Building a World of Peace” 
Published on 11/08/2012
Global Peace Convention, Opening Plenary
Published on 17/05/2012
Youth participants cleaning the public park in the
Published on 02/05/2012
In Nepal, discrimination against women is still widespread, especially in rural areas where traditional attitudes are strong.
Published on 30/04/2012
Peace Walk NepalGlobal Peace Association Nepal comm
Published on 25/04/2012