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By Keiko Sometani“A florist is not just a person who makes pretty flower arrangements..."Technical Skills Training Offers A Path to Economic Stability for North Korean Defectors
Published on 19/11/2018
By Keiko Sometani
Published on 15/11/2018
By Keiko SometaniFrom Gandhi’s guidance of India’s independence from Great Britain to Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent demonstrations in the United States’ Civil Rights Movement, examples of peaceful resistance offer historic lessons on building peaceful nations.
Published on 09/11/2018
By Naomi Yakawich
Published on 07/11/2018
By Keiko Sometani
Published on 30/10/2018
By Keiko SometaniSnow was drifting down onto the Tokyo streets on a cold February day when hundreds of Korean students walked nervously down the road, past police officers on patrol, and into a YMCA building, inconspicuously assembling in the auditorium.
Published on 25/10/2018