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Paraguay news outlets ABC Color and Ultima Hora announced that a symposium focused on developing relations between Paraguay and South Korea will be hostedat the Copa America Hall of the Bourbon Hotel at Luque, Greater Asuncion in Paraguay.
Published on 16/06/2014
By Lilian FotabongA delegation of South Korean community leaders, last weekend, hailed St Munchin’s Community Centre in Limerick as a paragon of peace and community building.
Published on 20/05/2014
Global Peace Foundation – Korea announced that it will expand the All-Lights Village Project to Cambodia later this year.
Published on 30/04/2014
Five hundred key members of Action for Korea United rallied around the theme ‘Opening the Era of Reunification, Together’ on February 15
Published on 09/04/2014
In the Philippines, over 30,000 remote villages don't have access to electricity. This absence of power and light means more than just living in the dark. The consequences affect safety, health, stability and education
Published on 10/03/2014
Global Peace Foundation-Korea and Korea Volunteer Corps came together to deliver warmth to their extended family.  Winter in Korea this year, like for many other nations, has been harsh.
Published on 18/02/2014
Former Guatema
Published on 07/12/2013