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Watch the speech here.Below is the message given by the UN Secretary-General. 
Published on 25/03/2020
Mr. James P. Flynn, International President of Global Peace Foundation.
Dear Partners in Peacebuilding, As we all know, we are now experiencing an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty as COVID-19 is rapidly spreading.
Published on 23/03/2020
March 4, SEATTLE—A diverse crowd packed a classroom at the University of Washington to listen to a powerful story by a woman who survived forty-three years in North Korea.
Published on 11/03/2020
January 20, WASHINGTON—The United States commemorates Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. on the third Monday of every January. Over 100 volunteers, mostly students, made this day off a “day on” by serving and giving back to their community in Lynnwood, Washington.
Published on 23/01/2020
Koreans at home and abroad as well as members of the international community are sharing in the dream for a free, independent and united Korea.
Published on 15/11/2019