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Northeast Asia Peace and Security: News

"New Approach to a Critical Turning Point: Buliding a Global Consensus for 1 Korea"
Published on 12/12/2016
Rita Linda V. Jimeno recently got back from a 5-day peace conference in Seoul, Korea that convened Japanese, Filipina, and Korean women leaders to talk about women's role in securing peace in the larger Asia region and world.
Published on 11/10/2016
Global Peace Foundation, U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Co-Host Washington, DC Forum and Congressional Briefing
Published on 19/07/2016
Through their writings and public appearances, North Korean defectors are playing a growing role in the groundwork for re-establishing One Korea. Many work with South Korean civic groups such as Action for Korea United to spread information among the people in the North.
Published on 15/07/2016
Grace Jo supports 1Korea Campaign
“I wouldn’t be here without the people with a big heart for North Korea.” Grace Jo, a North Korean defector, expressed her gratitude to all who participated in the
Published on 15/07/2016
NYU students discussion with Michael Marshall
“It is our contention that reunification and Korean identity are intimately connected together,” affirmed Mr. Michael Marshall, Senior Research Adviser for the Global Peace Foundation, at a New York University (NYU) Korean reunification event.
Published on 20/05/2016
Global Peace Foundation awarded a K-pop boy group, The King, on May 3 for promoting Korea reunification through performing the song "One Dream One Korea" overseas. These performances are part of the New Generation Unification Song Campaign.
Published on 04/05/2016