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Junior Changemakers Workshop participants in Malaysia present activity
By Naomi YakawichJunior Changemakers Workshop Hosted by Global Peace Foundation MalaysiaOver 50 young students from AXCEL International School between the ages of eleven and fifteen participated in the Junior Changemakers Workshop hosted by Global Peace Foundation (GPF)
Published on 02/04/2017
There was so much energy, inspiration and motivation filling each day of the Youth Leadership and Service Track.
Published on 08/03/2017
The Global Peace Foundation conferred awards to leaders in wide-ranging areas of impact who have significantly promoted peace, advanced models good governance, fostered an ethic of public service, and demonstrated a willingness to transcend boundaries of religion, ethnicity, and nationality in ad
Published on 03/03/2017
By Hanako TauraThere is a story by danish children's story writer Hans Christian Andersen that my son was introduced to this winter, the story of the little match girl.
Published on 03/03/2017
Thanks to our strong network of media partners (link to sponsor page), the Global Peace Convention garnered wide and significant coverage in the Philippines.    Following are prominent stories that were published.   
Published on 02/03/2017