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The Bridge Magazine Shares Interview of GPF Kenya Director Mr. Daniel Juma: The International Relations Practitioner With A Passion For Korea

GPF Kenya Director Daniel Juma

On August 15, Korea commemorates Liberation Day, over 70 years since the end of Japanese occupation in 1945.  However, many families across the peninsula remain divided along the 38th parallel, still waiting in hope for peaceful reunification.

Mr. Daniel Juma, Director of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya, is a long-time advocate for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. In an interview with the Bridge Magazine he praised the potential a united Korea could bring on a global economic stage saying, “Picture the unexploited human resources in North Korea, the labor force from the North (who are educated in their own right) and the ambitious South Korea and the opportunity to do more investments in the North.”

Mr. Juma recommended the book The Korean Dream by Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder of GPF, which Bridge Magazine calls an “authoritative and compelling argument for a united Korea.”

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