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East Africa Peace and Development

East Africa, global peace foundation

With the rise of violent extremism and the pressing issue of radicalization of youth, East Africa presents a special challenge in fostering peace and sustainable development. East Africa also has important resources to address these issues in their traditional cultures and faith traditions, and part of our mission is to lift up Africa's noble spiritual heritage and family-based culture. 

Through hosting international conferences,  implementing on-the-ground programs that seek to transform education, promote inter-faith cooperation, good governance, youth leadership and community development, the Global Peace Foundation and partners have sought to address the underlying roots of identity-based conflict and build enduring structures for peace based on a unifying vision of One Family Under God.

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Initiative Inspired by the Nairobi Declaration Issued at the 2010 Global Peace Convention
Published on 05/07/2012
Ms. Liz Gatata, Corporates Relations Manager EABL,planting a tree during the commemoration of the
Published on 07/06/2013